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Wire Binding

We punch the pages of the booklet with small holes close to the edge of the page and insert them onto a 'C' shaped spine (the wire). Often a transparent plastic cover and card back is added to the document. The wire is then squeezed closed until it is round. Wire bound documents open flat on a desk.

Perfect Binding

Perfect bound books are paperback books. A cover of the book is created as a single sheet which wraps around the pages of the book. Glue is heated to high temperature and then spread down the spine edge of the pages of the book and the cover is pushed onto the glue. Perfect bound books cannot be opened flat on a desk in the same way as wire bound booklets can.

Staple Binding

Stapling a booklet with two staples through the centre is known as saddle-stitching. Alternatively, a staple can be punched through the top of a set of sheets (for a small report, for example). Another way of binding is by stapling through the document at the edge and then a spine-tape can be used to cover the staples.